Hobbies and Projects

Passions outside Professional Life

Technologist and Maker


    Enginneering Passion

  • In addition to his expertise in finance, Yaniv has a unique and deep interest in cutting-edge technology and the maker community. Yaniv has self-taught principle electrical engineering and actively enjoys creating projects using micro-controllers like the Arduino and Raspberry Pi. He also has designed several circuit boards from scratch and manufactured them abroad.

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    Mentoring and Investing

  • In his free time, Yaniv enjoys analyzing public and private companies for personal investment. As a well-read student of some of the great investors of our time (Graham, Buffet, Klarman, and even a big fan of the risk-analysis theories of Nassim Taleb), he enjoyes allocating a part of his personal portfolio into specific high-potential investments. In addition, he is an accredited-investor who is participating more actively in start-ups.

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Books and Thoughts


    Passion for Learning

  • Yaniv is a voracious reader. During his commute and in his spare time, Yaniv listens to and continuously studies Strategy, Finance, Economics, Crypto, Business Thought Leaders, Technologists and Futurists, Design, and many other diverse subjects. In additionl, Yaniv actively participates in toughtful discussions on these subjects both online and in person - enjoying in the lively debate that these subjects create.

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Bitcoin and Blockchain


    Finance and Tech

  • Yaniv is a unique professional with over 15 years of finance, accounting, business, and strategy experience in complex technical industries exhibiting rapid growth.